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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  May 8, 2011 3:00pm-4:00pm EDT

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tonight my critics get a chance to criticize me for calling them freeloaders. >> they have the most deep sense of entitlement that i've ever come across. >> i criticized these guys for helping people not pay their mortgage. >> you guys are disgusting, you are helping people freeload. >> i criticized the indians for demanding government aid. >> if i am a socialist what does it make you? >> it makes me somebody that complains. socialism keeps you poor. >> you go can help your girlfriend's mama. >> everybody thinks the government owes them something.
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tonight we hear from the critics. >> the man is nothing more than a hot air it odd. >> very slanted. >> this is obscene. >> on the other hand, ann coulter says is the best thing he has seen on tv. my critics will be here and she'll be here. that is our show tonight. >> john: 13 million of you watched freeloaders but some guests didn't like it. i can see why you didn't reich it because i accused of by suing people to help free load. but let me remind the stories. suing the government claiming the agricultural department
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discriminates against farmers who are white. >> if john stossel and you decide to farm and you go in to get a loan, you are going to do pretty well. you are a white man. if you are sent in a neighbor of yours who had a happened to be black man you are not going to do well. >> john: because they are all racist? >> pretty much. >> john: so all racist and you've got black farmersers who were turned down for loans, $50,000 each. you are doing a good thing. >> is that a question, john. >> john: i'm inviting you to tell me what the truth is. that is what you said. >> i represent farmers. that is all i've done for 25 years. generally speaking the biggest lender in farming is usda and they have long time been by yaz had toward white men.
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they have been prejudiced against women, native hispanics so i filed suits claiming discrimination for all four groups, black farmers have wound and indians have won and the other two cases are still pending. my criticism is not of you or anybody out there who doesn't understand the system. >> john: what don't i understand. my problem is you guys got a million dollars. >> you are a typical white person who never farmed, who doesn't know anything about farming. >> john: what does that have to do with it? >> because it depends upon getting a loan each season. you get your loan each spring and you pay back in the fall or winter. it's all about getting loans and collateral. it's supposed to be a fair system.
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usda for a long time was unfair. i caught them admitting they had been unfair. that is all it's about. i don't know why it should bother you. >> john: what bothers me, what you say is true. i don't see why you should get $10 million of taxpayer dollars. i don't think the money should go to all these people that say they farmed. >> you are exaggerating. first of all i never got $10 million. >> john: you told me that. >> i said the lawyers got $10 million. the lawyers worked 11 years, there were dozens of lawyers. it was a billion dollar recovery. i think the lawyers got 5-6%. >> i never got so million. >> i lost money in the black farmers case. i had to mortgage my house. i had to borrow over a million and a half.
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we never made any money. >> john: i think the payments of billions of dollars is the big story but the media covered it and i wouldn't have known about it unless the creator of big called me. that is andrew bright bart. you were right. this is a big story. it's not out there. >> it's a huge scam and it's the bait and switch. he is talking about, this is about farmers, at the last second, he created a new class called the attempted to farmer. there were 18,000 black farmers in the country, only about 2,000 to 3,000 claims of black farmers because 2,000 to 3,000 black farm there's had actual farm loans and had farm identification numbers. he creates a new class that allows it to go from 2,000 to
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3,000 to now 94,000. this was a way to expand the class so that the lawyers could make billions of dollars. >> i don't know mr. briebart is. he is not a farmer and journalist. i'm not going respond to that. none of that is true. >> do you know about jimmy desmuk. i sent a liberal film maker because i knew the mainstream media would be skeptical about me covering the story. i sent lee from, huffington post down to the south and talked to an attorney that worked directly with al pirats. on camera when asked about the mass i have had fraud admits the fraud happened on camera.
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>> we went to them and he did say there are all these people coming up to the streets, john didn't farm in his life and he is getting the money. it's a scam. >> can i respond to that. you guys are silly. neither one of you know what you are talking about. it's embarrassing to listen to this. look, we have courts all over are the country and they handle cases like this all the time. you make it sound it was some kind of a disorganized chaotic controlled case. let me finish. first of all, everybody who made the decisions in these cases were neutrals hired independently. we never saw any of them. the judges -- hold on a second. these are retired judges who under oath took our claims and
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took the government's responses and made decisions. if there were lawyers out there anywhere and i'll say this to anybody, hundreds of lawyers including this gentleman, if you know somebody that cheated mr. lacrosse or anybody else, your responsibility is to turn themselves in. you should go to the bar. you cheated it's as simple as that. i don't know anybody that cheated. >> he tries to act he doesn't know who lacrosse is. >> who are you? who are you? making fun of people who had the guts to take cases against the government, which is very hard to do. >> john: wait a minute. hang on. he is making a serious allegations, he says you pulled off a multibillion dollar scam? >> none of the nudges in the court of appeals or washington,
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d.c., no one was paying attention? it makes it sound like you know somebody that nobody knows. you are a gad fly from hollywood. you are a gad fly a son of a rich family, you never worked for a living for a life. you make fun of poor people and indians and i'm not putting up witness. i feel badly for you. you are a sad person. why don't you get a job. why don't you come out and help us? you are from hollywood who doesn't have a job. get a job, will you please and stop making fun of my clients. >> with a wasn't there nobody fired from the usda. if this discrimination was going on, why isn't there so no
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accountability within the usda? >> hang on one second. even to people who got money, thanks to you, some of them say, the government's payout says a scam. >> people say, not qualifying and they started talking about private plant. you are a farmer and you have a yard you are a farmer. >> he showed us a list of people that got money. >> this one is not a farmer. this one is not a farmer. you go on these pages. this one, this one, this one. >> can i answer that. does this gentleman knows of anybody that cheated, he knows who the f.b.i. call them up and turn them in. it's as simple as that.
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>> turn them in. >> it's been since early 2000. >> i'm happy of investigation, al pires is the epicenter of this. al pires orchestrated this so the black farmers would get screwed over. his own clients are irate. he created a class that got expanded in 94,000, he wasn't going to make a lot of money off the small amount of black farmers that actually exited. i did not argue they were discriminated by the usda. i think they should have gotten their land back. >> instead of doing this, come and help us. you won't return phone calls. >> the justice department -- >> andrew get a job, will you please. get a job. this is silly.
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>> do you guys -- >> just one more, you say you are losing money on this. >> no, i didn't say that. >> you said you lost money on this case. i'm looking at this picture of your water front house. >> i didn't say that. >> i don't want a rich guy feeding off the taxpayer zbldz do you have any other questions about the case otherwise i think this the end of the interview. >> on that note, al pires and drew. coming up, some other people didn't like that i disguised myself and begged on the streets. [ robin ] my name is robin. and i was a pack-a-day smoker for 25 years. i do remember sitting down with my boys, and i'm like, "oh, promise mommy you'll never ever pick up a cigarette." i had to quit.
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if you don't work, yes you are going to be poor but that a voluntary situation. >> john: you've written, we have a clip on this, they have a deep-seated sense of entitlement. here is more from the show. >> panhandling as a job is common. here is san francisco, packs of young healthy kids beg for spare change. >> you got to survive. >> and there are students and we interviewed some of the kids. >> we wake up in the morning,
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start drinking, to go bed and do it again. >> john: you portray this as kids having fun but my e-mails are saying this is distorted. you picked a few isolated examples. >> its whole culture. kids that find it cool to ask other people for money. this is worrisome sign of the sense of entitlement. welfare rights of 1960s was fantastically successful because these kids feel no shame about the basic philosophy, you have more money than i do. therefore, we're going to tip the field and i deserve it. i think this is pathetic mindset they have. >> john: the young kids, i see people who are not young kids. i assume some of the beggars are truly, desperate maybe homeless
3:19 pm
people? >> we have a whole array of social services to address the needs of precisely those people. we have traditional charities in addition to government that does that. in fact many charities will tell you, don't give to the homeless on the street because you don't even know how they are using the money. >> john: so its bad thing by giving it to them? >> right so we think we are depriving them if we ignore the social service apparatus that is designed to serve the people. >> john: some would say you are heartless conservatives that are spinning this way. manhattan institute is a conservative group? >> it doesn't have anything to do with being heartless or conservative, it's a look at the reality that people that do need help that are mentally ill are
3:20 pm
not getting it on the streets. what they are getting is a no strings attached fund in order to get high and drunk. >> john: i think i'm doing something humane? >> you are not. you are perpetuating their condition and there are costs beyond the individuals. cities are dragged down when you have that degree of our ban squall or. people are right to fear that some panhandlers pose a threat. people that are mentally ill have higher rates of violence than the population. >> so walk on by? >> walk on by and suggest to go to your local soup kitchen. >> john: it's really hard to starve in america, in any city. >> the poor obviously in america starvation is not our program. >> john: thank you heather and
3:21 pm
steve both of them write for city journal which is filled with serious research. i don't see anywhere else but i recommend it. >> coming up, my next guest says i smeared him. his company helped people walk away from mortgages even if they could afford to pay him. did i smear him? you decide, that's next.
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>> john: are you freeloader if you walk away from your mortgage? let's say you bought at the peak of bubble and your house is worth less than the mortgage. so it would pay off to let the house to go back to the bank. is that the right thing to do? you signed a contract saying you'd pay. in my freeloaders show i criticized a company that called you walk away. >> it sounds like it's dirty, walk away from responsibility? >> that is the myth i think in society that there is moral obligation to pay a mortgage. >> john: there is? >> there is no moral obligation, you are helping people freeload.
3:25 pm
it's people's decision to walk away is a personal one and it's a financial one. >> john: but isn't it immoral? >> so chad wasn't happy with my reporting and he is now to say so. what was wrong? >> we got a lot of feedback from customers and new customers, their side wasn't represented. the argument wasn't complained. in they walk away and don't pay, but it's not as simple as saying they owe this mortgage and to have continue paying it. the mortgage says if they don't pay it the bank gets the house back. it's different than other contract obligations because there is collateral in the property. they are following the terms of the contract. >> john: i never said they weren't doing anything illegal. aren't they breaking their
3:26 pm
obligation. it says pay the debt. >> if you don't, bank gets the house back so you are not getting off free and clear. best example i can use, if you are in a self-owned contract, would you think twice about switching if you could get better coverage. of course, you have to pay a penalty but if you want to switch over to a new carrier, people wouldn't think twice? >> i see the logic but it seems like a mortgage is different. as one thing, people foreclose, your neighbor's property values go down. even on your website, what if you could live payment free for eight months or more and walk away without owing a penny. it sounds like free loading. >> we educate them how long they are able to stay in the house. that goes to how quick the bank would react. >> eight months or more. >> it helps the bank out. if people just abandon their
3:27 pm
properties and move out, then the properties go to waste. lawns get unkept and what happens to your neighbor, that would ruin their values even more. >> john: so you collect about $995 for every client you help. some stay in the home for longer than eight months, up to two years? >> i know people that have been up to two years. >> john: your business partner asked, is this legal? >> he came to me as an attorney and wanted to know what the process was for people. i got a lot of questions from clients and friends, i'm facing this predicament. what are my rights? in looking into it there are lots of rights that homeowners have. >> john: but doesn't his question suggest that business partner may not be right?
3:28 pm
>> no, he wanted to know what the profits was. i think the biggest reason i wanted to come back on the show was to really explain. i think the homeowners are getting misportrayed by the media that they have this obligation isshould bear the burden of this crisis. i think the real freeloaders of the banks. they are the one that took government money through tarp. they should have hedged their best bettor, interest rates. they are getting off pretty much scott free and the homeowners are the people that have to bear the burden here. >> john: have a the banks do, that doesn't excuse the homeowner who just makes the decision, i'll walk away because that makes mortgages costs more. every time somebody did he
3:29 pm
fatalities, the bank charges people more. >> they are making a decision for themselves and their family. i understand there is a social argument that if you walk away, you are affecting your neighborhoods and affecting the country as a whole in home values. when someone makes a decision, i think to look out for their interest and family's interest. some of these people might be able to afford this mortgage, but that could cost their retirement. it might be their retirement they would have to come up with. these people aren't simply walking away. they are looking at other options, short sales, loan modifications. the difficulty is the banks aren't willing to work with them. it's very frustrated in trying to get something through the bank. >> john: i'm glad you came. chad rules, thank you very much. ann coulter's take on free loading. but the nastiest comments i got
3:30 pm
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>> john: no group in america has been helped more by government than american indians, yet know group has, no group has done worse. they have the highest poverty rate of any group in america. >> that is what i said in my freeloaders show. indians are poor because of government help. in response some viewers called me a racist, an idiot, a bigot and bunch of other things i can't say on tv. some complaints came from indians like jeffrey who wrote, hey, zippy, grow up, i take
3:34 pm
great offense on what you said about my ancestors. native americans receive more help from any other group r you serious? we have been researching that it is true, right? >> yes, john. the amount of money that flows in to the reservations is phenomenal. if you take healthcare alone, average spending per capita is $2,000, average spending on american indians is $7,000. that is a lot of money. they still don't get good healthcare. >> john: healthcare is just part of it. and chief allen of a tribe in idaho, the help they receive isn't it benefit it's a requirement under the terms of a treaty. part of the treaty, it doesn't
3:35 pm
make it right and it makes indians dependent and therefore poor? >> there is no question there is some obligation to the u.s. to pay back, but at the same time in doing so we got the incentives possibly messed up. there is no data that don't show that indians that are on their own that have ability to pull themselves up by the boot straps who have control over their resources do bitter than those that don't. trusteeship by the federal government is one of the most burdensome stones that the indians carry. >> elizabeth homer was in my special, once the interior department of american independentian trust and you are mad about what i say. you say i'm ignorant? >> i didn't did say you were ignorant. >> john: how? >> because you don't know what you are talking about when it
3:36 pm
comes to in this subject matter. >> john: educate me. >> one of the things i was torked about, the interview was almost an hour. there were about five seconds and during the interview you talked about why the conditions are like they are. i just want to say it's not for the reasons that you suggest. it's because of the lack of infrastructure in the indian country, roads, bridges, internet services, all the technology that is not available in our communities is impeding economic development. i think that is the most important factor and why so many tribal, not all, but why so many are behind. >> john: if they don't have infrastructure. >> you can drive through the big western reservations, such as crow reservation, black feet,
3:37 pm
look at google maps and you will see parcels of the land in the center of reservations side by side, parcels --. >> john: we have a map. let's put them up. we have the flat headrest vacation. >> when you look at the maps, the parts that are green, that are productive are the parts that are held in private hands. often by indians, maybe not as much. >> this is black feet is not held in private hands. >> if you look at those, they are the same kind of lands and same infrastructure available yet side by side the trust lands are far less productive. between 80-90% less productive. >> your trust keeps them poor by inviting them to freeload? >> the responsibility is solemn obligation on the part of united states. there are things that government
3:38 pm
does but the responsibility doesn't benefit just indians. most of the energy production on reservations is being managed and royalties are being collected by the department of the interior. one of the things i wanted to be sure that your audience understands that a lot of money that transfers through the united states to tribal governments is indian owned money. >> john: why not get rid of your trusts. >> it is collected by the united states and it is redistributed back to the tribal owners. >> the average wealth of a crow tribal member measured by their coal deposits is well over $3 million. the average return on coal to the tribal member in the crow tribe is .001%. any financial person that
3:39 pm
manages a portfolio and gets that kind of return should be fired. >> let's fire your successor and all the people running these trusts and let's treat american indians? >> why don't you ask indians how they want to be treated. how is this your issue and how is this your level of expertise? where do you come from? what is your expertise in this area. >> i studied. i have lived on a reservation. i am a native american, ways born in the united states. i'm a native american, ways born in the united states, but that aside -- >> you are an economist. >> john: for a long time i used the word indian is not politically correct and native
3:40 pm
american. an indian said i'm not an native american that indian is most popular term. but you are an american economist. >> it comes back to this question, why are they treated this way? domestic dependent nations were the words, wards of the state that came out of the supreme court and then in the legislation we say you don't get the land until you are deemed competent. those words still exist. sthi think of a group saying that, you are not mentally capable and you are a minor. >> that is not the modern legal parlance. >> that is how they are treated. >> this is not the modern legal parlance and these are issues of tribal governments. if self-determination mean
3:41 pm
anything, indians drive the relationship and they drive the relationship with the united states. >> john: it's not working well for the indians i would argue. thank you. coming up ann coulter, her take on freeloaders, next. to stay a. while a body in motion tends to stay in motion. staying active can actually ease arthritis sympms. but if you have arthris, staying active can be difficult. prescription celebrex can help relieve arthritis pain so your body can stay in motion. because just one 200mg celebrex a day can provide 24 hour relief for many with arthritis pain and inflammation. plus, in clinical studies, celebrex is proven to improve daily physical function so moving is easier. and celebrex is not a narcotic. when it comes to relieving your arthritis pain, you and your doctor need to balance the benefits with the risks. all prescription nsaids, like celebrex, ibuprofen, naproxen, and meloxicam have the same cardiovascular warning.
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3:44 pm
little depress. your show was obscene and irresponsible. some people called me an idiot. this e-mail said the show was greatest thing i've seen on television. please, defend me. >> you just hit it all. you have seen segments of it before the bums on the street. popular bar in new york, shelby's and there was guy panhandling. you want a job dishwashing and he said, no i make much more money out there. but you go into the corporate welfare, indian segment was astonishing. i had no idea there was massively successful indians that have been ruined by the government. but there you have it.
3:45 pm
>> john: this woman that just sat here that imagined the trust for the indians, she says this is the treaty. who are you to criticize it, ho we indians want these handouts? >> they have done so much for them. you have the multimillionaire indians and live in fabulous homes. there is your test case. there is your control group. >> john: i would think so. yet the mail suggests they are unmoved. once you are getting a check and once involved in the handout system, nothing must change. >> you can never take things away from people. look at social security and medicare and medicaid, even though it's a disaster system, probably will never see a penny of their social security. no, don't touch it. liberals defend it it's a very popular program. if you go to the guy the that
3:46 pm
just won the lottery he thinks its fine idea too. >> john: i don't see how the indians can say its successful. some people criticize had that i dress up as a panhandler but i did say the biggest freeloaders are the corporations. we've got new ones. walt disney world qualified as a farm by putting cows to pasture and they saved millions off their tax bill. >> the farm subsidies, they are some of the worst ones because the vast majority that goes to huge agra business and small family farmer is often not getting much at all. point four, whatever point we're up to now, in exchange for the subsidies there are limits put on how much can grow.
3:47 pm
but those are waived in the case of the big farmers. the big agra businesses. they are not waived in the case of small farmers. a lot of farmers don't want to cut it off cold turkey. i agree with them. you have to phase it out. they have arranged their business affairs on that. and republicans are just as bad as the democrats on this. >> john: they go to iowa. some of these guys are your friends, when i say to them, how can you support this? they look at my blankly. >> it's welfare for the red states. >> john: they have to do this? >> i don't think so. i don't know why it has been so. i think people have a warm feeling about farmers as i do i, but that is what you are need to
3:48 pm
focus on. your indian segment it shows how much better people do when they are left to their oh oen devices to the free market. >> john: i have to champion business, business loves to have a partner in government. a little window maker in california must have loved the attention it got by having the vice president praise their company. >> you are not just turning out windows. you are making some of the most energy windows efficient in the world. >> john: they got the president, too. >> these workers will now have a new mission, producing some of the energy efficient windows in the world. >> so this is how the system works. i call it crony capitalism. there is no proof these company's windows were superior but they had connections. one of the people that works for the company his wife works in
3:49 pm
the energy department and gives out grants. >> when you when you have the winners and losers and who is going to have the price quotas. >> but bees fascist, that a creepy word. >> fdr as you know and probably your viewers know wanted to model his recovery plans, national recovery plan on mussolini's corporations. you have to know somebody. it is like all of these corrupt and utterly failed nations where the government picks the winners and losers. that isn't america. you produce a good product. >> john: and if you can make more money more easily by knowing somebody. >> like all the green products now. all this nonsense with the solar
3:50 pm
panels. >> john: windmills? >> yeah but the government will pay you to do it. if the government is going to throw out incentives, well i can make money doing this. >> john: another honorable person, he puts out feed for deer and qualifies and got $71.4 million, his taxes reduced to 290,000, the value of the land. >> michael dell has the same name as the man who puts out dell computers? >> no, it's the same guy. >> and he is a deer farmer? >> john: when we return. the biggest freeloader. it's nes the most delicious thing that's ever happened to cinnamon. introducing cinnamon burst cheerios. 20% daily value of fiber bursting with the delicious taste of cinnamon.
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new cinnamon burst cheerios. prepare your taste buds.
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is. >> john: stossel is worried about panhandlers, what a partisan hack. >> my critics have a point. i don't think i'm a partisan hack but there are monster freeloaders in america and they are not people beging on the street. this is just small change, it's
3:54 pm
voluntary but there is something honest in their lives because their free loading is direct. you can say no, you have a choice. it's much worse with when the free loading is done through government. most of us don't have a choice. politicians make feels deels that force all of us pay. lots of hate mail that i pick on poor people instead of rich people and corporations but those viewers didn't watch the whole show. i did say the america's biggest freeloaders are corporations and rich people, like me. >> i free load whd i built this beach house and then when this happened, collected federal flood insurance. there shouldn't be federal programs that compensate rich people that built on the edges of oceans. that is crazy. federal guarantees should end, so should all farm subsidies.
3:55 pm
rich people outside this studio get farm subsidies. there are no farms here, but some of the people once had some connection to farmland so the law allows them to free load. bon jovi and bruce stringstein gets tax breaks because they own land that qualifies as farmland. >> it's unfair i have to pay $6,000 and think are paying hundreds have acres at $200. >> and now government is so big and generous with your money. it's killing the innovation that makes america great. if you run a company, you say to yourself, how can i going to make money some? i could research in a new product but i can hire lobbyists to manipulate congress and get money from government. investing in research, that is tricky and if we do discover something, we will be regular laid and taxed so much.
3:56 pm
lobbyist have a higher rate of return. sure enough this week the "wall street journal" ran two interesting stories. look at this one. gmreves up lobbying. they doubled spending on lobbying. here on the same page, a company that makes lipitor. sadly they are going to cut research spending down to $6.35 billion. this is a terrible thing. lipitor may be keeping me alive. i want drug companies to do more drug research, not less, but i can't blame pfizer, if they did discover something, big government might prevent them from selling it. i can't even blame gm for its free loading when government is very big and investing lots of money on politically favored industries, it's prudent for companies to invest in lobbying. i blame big government, $3.8
3:57 pm
trillion rewards freed loading. let's government in half and then cut it again then there would be much less free loading and much more prosperity. that is our show for tonight. i'm john stossel. good night. you can turn ordinary chicken into luscious, delicious, and scrumptious. with recipes from, and campbell's cream of chicken soup. campbell's.® it's amazing what soup can do.™ ♪ [ male announcer ] try fixodent with a time-released formula. use just once per day for dawn-to-dark hold. it is important to use the product as directed. fixodent and forget it.
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